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This wicked-cool large brain candle is perfect for any spooky decor themed home or event. Crafted by hand with paraffin wax, it features a 360 degree human brain design with a flat bottom and 3 wicks. This candle is free-standing and does not come with a platter or stand to burn it on. Weighing 1 pound, this vibrant red candle is sure to impress any guests who admire the macabre and unusual.

Please read the candle burning safety information below.

Large Brain Candle

  • We can not accept returns or refunds at this time but we are working to arrange a set up soon in which we would have the resources to accept and fill returns and refunds.

  • For your safety and the safety of others please be aware of the following:

    Do NOT ingest.

    Keep out of reach from pets and children.

    Do not expose this candle to water, light this candle away from water sources. When melting wax

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