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THIS ARTWORK IS LIMITED EDITION!!! This piece is one of a kind. While we may decide to make up to 10 similar pieces, they will each be unique and slightly different.

This hand-painted plaque depicts the Death Cap Mushroom (AKA The Destroying Angel). Amanita phalloides is the most deadly mushroom in the world. This plaque features real, dried Spanish moss and _ moss as well as dried rose buds. A hanging hook on the back of the plaque allows for this beautiful handmade artwork to be displayed anywhere in your home. Either hanging on your wall or sitting on a stand of your choosing, this piece will look beautiful!

Death Cap Mushroom Plaque

  • We can not accept returns or refunds at this time but we are working to arrange a set up soon in which we would have the resources to accept and fill returns and refunds.

  • This plaque is NOT waterproof. Please place this decor away from risk of fire as it is flammable. Keep away from small children and pets (NOT A TOY).

    Only non-toxic materials were used in the making of this plaque.

    The flowers and moss are delicate and may break if handled roughly .

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